LWL Dance Tutoring was founded in 2020 by Jasmine McDonald, former professional ballerina with a passion for health and fitness. Five classes are offered with LWL Dance Tutoring.

All Classes are via ZOOM or Facetime for the time being due to COVID-19

Ballet Tutoring for ages 5+ (1 hour)


        • Since the age of four, Miss Jasmine has studied all genres of dance, most notably ballet, wherein she became a professional in Europe. A registered Personal Trainer by the International Sports and Sciences Association, Miss Jasmine is aware of the importance of physical fitness in youths. Classes lead by Miss Jasmine and her assistants are playful and full of fun, leaving your little one dancing all day. Foundations of ballet and dance are introduced.

Ballet Tutoring Ages 12-18 (1 1/2 hours)


        • Since the age of four, Miss Jasmine has studied ballet, and at the age of fourteen, she attended the National Ballet School of Canada. A registered Personal Trainer from the International Sports and Sciences Association, Miss Jasmine is well aware of the importance physical fitness has on the body, even at a young age. Having travelled the world and successfully compete in dance competitions, Miss Jasmine is highly qualified to coach aspiring dancers to achieve success in the dance world. Pointe Work is also included and introduction to pointe work is also incorporated.

Ballet for Beginners (1 hour)


        • In a weekly one hour session, Ballet for Beginners teaches all ages of beginners and is offered as individual coaching as well as combined classes. Ballet for Beginners is a perfect opportunity to discover a more artistic aspect of yourself and will ignite your inner strength and gracefulness. You will be challenged in a new way, in which only classical ballet can offer.

Conditioning for Advanced Dancers (1 hour)


        • Recommended for aspiring professional or competitive dancers who wish to enhance their technique. A registered personal trainer, Miss Jasmine offers exercises to aid in the longevity of a dancer's career. Having Danced for the majority of her life professionally, Miss Jasmine is all too familiar with the tole ballet and dance takes on the dancer's body. To prevent injury and sustain strength, it is absolutely imperative to interweave conditioning and strengthening exercises. The key to an elongated career in dance, is to pair training with conditioning and stretching, therefore, classes are offered to assist with the dancer's goals.

Aerobics Training and Fitness for Beginners (1 hour)


        • Miss Jasmine offers a conditioning class infused with actual ballet terms and moves. Not only will your workout help you towards your physical goals, but it will be emotionally gratifying, much like finishing a ballet performance! So set up your TV, lace up your shoes, find your mat and get ready to get your sweat on!

Extreme Ballet Bootcamp (1 hour)


        • This class will help your achieve your strength and flexibility goals while challenging your inner dancer. Jasmine McDonald is not only a former professional ballerina, but she is also a recognized personal trainer with the International Sports and Sciences Association. With her years of intense professional training and certification, you can be assured your will be pushed to your limits. So go and grab your ballet slippers, yoga mat and water though ballet may look effortless, this workout will leave you breathless!

*Express Ballet Barre Fitness* (30 mins)


  • Introducing a new EXPRESS BALLET BARRE. Get your sweat on in under 30 mins and feel the BURN. This class is infused with ballet technique and will help you whether you're looking to gain muscle, tone up or simply ignite your inner artist. All that's needed is a barre (a chair works just as fine), shoes that aren't too slippery or socks, and a mat or soft surface.

All of the offered classes are either strongly influenced by ballet technique or are completely ballet conditioning to help anyBODY achieve their goals. Whether the goals be to gain flexibility, work out more, gain strength or fine tune ballet technique, LWL Dance Tutoring will be your biggest support to help you work towards your better self.

All ages are welcome and all levels, individual classes are offered as well as group classes and soon-to-be live streams.